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Advert: Adapting the management of coastal nature resrves in a changing climate

Aug 14 2013
The Alde-Ore estuary is a rich mosaic of internationally important habitats including wet grassland, saltmarsh and vegetated shingle. The national Trust and RSPB are working together to improve water management and reduce disturbance, enabling people to access the site whilst allowing wildlife to thrive on these Natura 2000 sites. This is the advert to the workshop.

Orford Ness lagoons invertebrate survey report

Aug 13 2013
An interesting invertebrate survey taking place at eight lagoons and some other habitats at Orford Ness over four days in June 2012. Of the 184 species identified by this survey, 35 (19.0%) are considered here as Key Species (Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP), Red Data Book (RDB), Nationally Scarce, Threatened, Near Threatened and Data Deficient species.

SeaSearch: Alde and Ore Sea Survey

Dec 03 2012
This report summarises the results of subtidal surveys carried out by Seasearch volunteers between August 2011 and August 2012. The aim of the surveys was to add detail of the habitats and species found within the area to support the designation process and inform management. Poor visibility and strong currents limited surveying to the mooring pontoons at Orford Ness landing stage and a jetty at Crouch Hard.

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