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The result of practical management are being closely monitored, Each aspect of project monitoring is subject to a scientific report; there will be an annual report on the breeding performance (pairs and productivity) and feeding and wintering numbers of Annex I bird species at Havergate Island and Orford Ness.

Once completed the reports will be available from this page:

Havergate Island Hydrology Report

Aug 12 2010
Havergate Island has a number of shallow lagoons which provide an important habitat for wildfowl and wading birds. At times of high summer evaporation and little rain, the salinity level in the lagoons can rise to more than twice that of sea water. The opportunity has arisen to re-engineer the inlet and outlet structures to give better control over salinity. This report describes the hydrology of Havergate island and provides engineering solutions to the various problems discussed.

Havergate Island Predator Plan

Aug 12 2010
Brown rats are having a detrimental impact on the breeding performance of Annex I species on Havergate Island. Using 170 bait stations situated at 45m intervals along the sea wall the aim is to remove rats from the island within 4 years, improving the breeding performance for not only annex one species and the conservation value of the island as a whole. This plan outlines the rationale for the programme, the methods and the expected results.

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Havergate's rare and interesting spriders
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