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The result of practical management are being closely monitored, Each aspect of project monitoring is subject to a scientific report; there will be an annual report on the breeding performance (pairs and productivity) and feeding and wintering numbers of Annex I bird species at Havergate Island and Orford Ness.

Once completed the reports will be available from this page:

Orford Ness invertebrate survey

Sep 10 2013
An interesting invertebrate survey taking place at eight lagoons and some other habitats at Orford Ness over four days in June 2012. Of the 184 species identified by this survey, 35 (19.0%) are considered here as Key Species (Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP), Red Data Book (RDB), Nationally Scarce, Threatened, Near Threatened and Data Deficient species.

Orford Ness Bird Monitoring Report: Midterm 2011-12

Oct 15 2012
To be able to evaluate the impact of the new and improved water management systems on the bird life of Orford Ness regular surveys are carried out. This report describes the methods and preliminary findings, although the early stage of the survey is recognised.

Orford Ness Water Quality Highlight Report

Sep 12 2012
Water quality is monitored on Orford Ness to assist in water management and provide the desired lagoon conditions for the feeding waders and wildfowl. This short report highlights any changes since the construction of water control features.

Ecological Monitoring Report: Baseline 2010-11

Apr 01 2011
Baseline surveys have been carried out since the start of the project in April 2010, on bird numbers, water levels, water quality (salinity), and invertebrates. This report shows the starting point of the sites ecologically.

Results of an invertebrate survey at Havergate Island saline lagoons

Sep 01 2010
The survey aimed to produce a ‘quick and dirty’ assessment of the distribution and abundance of a few key species within the saline lagoons on Havergate Island prior to some major works on the sluices and islands.

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