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Flashing: prohibited on the island - for Photographers - but the Hare showed it all!

May 24 2013
On Sunday 19 May 2013, our third 'Photography: Day of Discovery', we enjoyed the most gorgeous warm and sunny spring weather one can imagine, after a worrying week of watching daily changes on the very unsettled and sometimes frightening weather forecasts.

Hare today but not gone tomorrow

May 13 2013
It’s been a busy year for the Hares on Havergate, they’ve had a visit from the BBC, seen more people (in terms of visitors) than ever before but thankfully, this seems to have had no impact on the population on the island.

Benthic survey

Apr 25 2013
In an effort to give our ecological monitoring a degree of universality, Kieren, the Havergate Island Warden, has been training National Trust staff in the technique for surveying benthic invertebrates (organisms that live on the bottom or within the sediment of a water body).

Bird Update: Spring is coming?

Apr 18 2013
This weekend was finally seeming bit more like Spring, although I was still in Thermals, it became quite nice in the afternoon. Seeing Swallows over the river was a highlight for me as it is now officially Spring in my mind.


Apr 02 2013
It's been a couple of years since the BBC last visited the island therefore it was with some pleasure that we where lucky enough last Thursday to host the BBC's countryfile team.

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Havergate's rare and interesting spriders
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