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The storm and Orford Ness

Dec 16 2013
Following up from Kieranís post about the affects of the surge on Havergate, I thought I should discuss how Orford Ness was affected.

After the storm:

Dec 13 2013
5 days have passed since the storm surge on the evening of Thursday 5 December. Conditions were too difficult to land on Havergate immediately after the surge on the Friday.

Workshop highlights partnership working

Oct 21 2013
We have been sharing the outcomes of our landscape-scale conservation project at a workshop hosted by the National Trust and the RSPB.

Looking back and looking forwards

Oct 01 2013
As summer rolls into autumn and the first wintering duck begin to return to the island it is time to look back at the breeding season on Havergate.

Video: Otter on the Ness

Sep 20 2013
We know we have otter on Orford Ness but they are very rarely seen, let alone filmed and photographed. We've also recently caught newly born leverets on camera too.

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Havergate's rare and interesting spriders
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