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Clouds of Golden Plover film

Mar 03 2014
Spectacular clouds of over 2000 Golden Plover and 3000 Lapwing have been wheeling over the marshes at Orford Ness this winter. This short film tries to capture some of the drama.

Golden Plover in flight

Feb 03 2014
Large flock of Golden Plover still present on the Ness in spectacular flight patterns.

Why do birds fly in a V formation?

Jan 31 2014
Ever wondered why the flocks of ducks and geese over Orford Ness and Havergate Island fly in a V formation? Scientists working on a LIFE project in Austria have been using data loggers attached to migrating birds to measure the benefits of flying in a V formation as part of a project helping to introduce captive bred birds from endangered species back into the wild.

Waders flock to Orford Ness Marshes

Jan 28 2014
These are turbulent times for coastal sites as banks are breached, heavy rain falls and water levels rise, but some birds seem to relish these conditions.

Orford Ness on the One Show

Jan 26 2014
British Trust for Ornithology have been monitoring the activity of large gulls on Orford Ness and have been tracking the location of GPS tagged birds over time.

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Havergate's rare and interesting spriders
Lyndsey, site warden for Havergate Island takes up spider hunting..